About us

In a country town like Mudgee, if you don't get the exposure to art, you just don't develop the interest. We're offering kids the opportunity to open up and develop their creative side.

The proportion and balance that is captured in the kids' work is fantastic! It's like an innate knowledge. And it makes you realise how, with the realities of growing up, we put away that side of our expression in a box — only to find we then we spend all this time as adults trying to unpack it again!

The biggest thing we love are the "by the way" comments we get from the parents, like "My child has taken over the lounge room with her drawings and pencils" or "My child makes me wait because he is creating a surprise for me". It's good to hear that the kids have started to change their behaviour and interests as a result of tapping into their creativity here at The Mud Factory.

So many of the adults who come here are trying to recapture something of their childhood in their art. They love the freedom that comes with the art. And so do we.

– Article and photograph courtesy of Country Style magazine.

Our Team

At TheMudFactory, we love our studio helpers as much as we love the students. In fact all of our helpers have progress up from being students of TheMudFactory and continue to develop into talented young artists within a studio environment. As for us older ones... well we have a blast in all our creative processes.


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The Studio Space

TheMudFactory studio is a fully equipped space making it possible to offer a range of classes. We have space for drawing and painting, pottery wheels, a kiln, and a printing press.